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    xapmcs1wire did support all the HB products and mcsTemperature supports most of them, but I do not expect to add the new products that HB is developing that has the custom protocols.



      Meantime please see here:
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        DS 2408 shared usage

        Hello Michael!

        You helped me on april, so my DS 2408 based LED display modul run well, with programmed 8 outputs on all port.
        My HS project continued on next modul, with DS2408 based in/out panel.
        This DS2408 is programmed 1-4 as input, 5-8 as output.
        The outputs run well, response time is acceptable (05-1 sec), but read inputs cannot be seen on browser.

        If I set an input to zero (short to GND), the homeseer STATUS screen not show the changes. If I set MCS Temperature screen, and change sy, after that change back to STATUS page, I can see the changes.
        The browser refresh, or poll device dont change the status !

        What can be the problen, how can I see the read value asap?



          I do not know if I totally understand what you are trying to describe, but it seems to me that what you are having issue with is the user interface that you would like to have the internal status of devices to be reflected quickly on a browser page that is being viewed by a user.

          I have some applications that support this type of updating and mcsTemperature does for the case of the line graphs that are updated without any user action required. The type of thing you are seeking is what is typically done with something like HSTouch or with special browser pages that update "behind the scenes". The new browser support an AJAX technology that make it a little easier for the web page developer, but it still is a development exercise to layout a web page and setup which items on the page are static and which need to be updated in real time.

          At a top level a refresh of the entire page is possible at some periodic interval. This is not pleasing if the interval is too small as you will be constantly seeing the page being rendered. If it is too large then the real time nature is lost. To compound the problem the browsers are made smart to cache the pages so the refresh comes from their local cache rather than from the server and no update then is visible. There are browser settings and HTTP header tags that also affect this cache vs. rerequery operation.


            Hi Michael!

            My base problem is, that I tryed the new 1Wire modul functional test via web/satus page ON-OFF buttons. When I push ON button, the reaction (on same page , after manual refresh) was occasionally.

            After your answare, I setup some script, and tested the functions by scripts, its ok, both out, and in functions on DS2408 running well.

            The controlling via webpage ON-OFF button, and status displaying ( yellow lamp) still bad: delayed, / hazardous!
            So if I need a fast and solid feedback (eg. a door opened) on Status screen, what shall i do?


              When a button is clicked on a browser page the command is startedd and the browser page is rebuilt. The two actions happen in parallel and quite often it will be the case that the command does not get to the 1-wire device before the browser page is rebuilt so the status will show on the page as the status before the command was received by the 1-wire device.

              This means that to get a user interface that reflect the hardware status in near real-time you need a customer user interface that updates the display elements based upon status change of devices. For those that do not need such real-time feedback then a periodic refresh of the web page is used. I do not recall if mcsTemperature browser settings provide a refresh interval or if the HS status page provides this option.


                Graphing problems

                I am using V6.1.26 and having strange graphing problems. I have several groups set up and some of them display my line graphs just fine and others don't but display a message that says "No Items Selected for Line Graph".

                I have the type of graph set to LinSel and all the items are checked. On the same group that won't show the graph, setting the graph type to table or color works just fine.

                So I am wondering if I should delete all my groups and start over. What's the best way to do that?


                  Typically if there is no data collected in the period of the graph to be displayed then the no data message will appear and none of the data will be displayed. Selectively remove items to identify the item for which data is not being collected. It is usually the discrete items as data is only retained on ON/OFF transitions.


                    To many devises found

                    I'm on version V6.2.22
                    WIN XP SP3

                    My setup is:
                    DS9490 (USB)
                    2 Temp sensors
                    1 Hobbyboard 4 relay 4 input board.
                    When I use OneWireViewer, I only see the actual devises. MCSTemp. finds way to many devises, I have tried to delete them in mcs, but they keep re-appearing.

                    The devises that are correct has USB2 in the ID field, the incorrect (non existing) devises has a empty ID field.
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                      show a screen shot or better zip up your \Config\mcsTemperature.ini file so more specific information can be observed.


                        INI file as requested

                        Originally posted by Michael McSharry View Post
                        show a screen shot or better zip up your \Config\mcsTemperature.ini file so more specific information can be observed.
                        As requested.


                          I think the easiest thing to do is stop HS, edit your mcsTemperature.ini file and remove all entries in the [Devices] [Database] and [Group] sections. You might as well remove your mcsTemperature.mdb which is likely in the \Data folder.

                          Start HS. Go to mcsTemperature Sensors tab. You will see the switch/relay board with serial number starting with 55. Select each of the eight of these to be of Type Switch or Relay. One of you temp sensors starts wth 4A and select as Type temperature. There may be others as 4A and change the Device Code to blank and Location to blank for these.
                          The one starting with BF is your second temperature sensor. Do the same as for the first one. The B3 one is your DS9490 and have location and device code blank for it. Give a Location/Name for the sensors you want to retain. Do a Save.

                          Your polling rate of 10 seconds is pretty fast, but should be achievable. You are retaining this data for charting at 5 minute intervals.


                            Invert relay function

                            Hi Michael

                            First thanks for the advice above, it worked and I'm back online.

                            Now to my next question:

                            I used the Relay board from Hobbyboard. The relay output is inverted compared to HS bottoms.

                            Invert off:
                            when I press on HS Shows "ON" the relay goes off
                            When I press off HS shows "OFF" the relay goes on

                            I figured that I could use the invert command in MCST interface, but this gives me the following action.

                            Invert on:
                            When I press on HS Shows "OFF" the relay goes off
                            When I press off HS Shows "ON" the relay goes on

                            I would like:
                            When I press on HS Shows "ON" the relay goes on
                            When I press off HS Shows "OFF" the relay goes off

                            I get the same result when I use an event, when I send ON the relay goes OFF regardless of the invert check mark or not.

                            So when I use an event there is no difference if I set the invert option in MCS.

                            So it looks to me that the invert command is inserted between the HS button and HS status, and not between HS and MCS. I hope this explanation makes sense.

                            Let me know if you need more info.


                              Make certain you are using the plugin verison posted at the top of this thread. It is the .exe file that replaces the one of the same name in your HS folder. If you continue to have a problem then enable the general debug and collect some data as you try to control the relay. Keep track of what you try vs. what response is obtained. The debug output will be in a .txt file in the \Data subfolder


                                Install problems with


                                I have installed v on Homeseer but keep getting the following error when trying to configure the plugin:

                                Script error: Type mismatch: '[string: "Falskt"]' If Not hs.GetINISetting("Web Agent", "AllowGuest", False, "mcsGuest.ini") Then If Request.ServerVariables("AUTH_USER") = "guest" Then

                                Am i doing soething wrong here?