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Installation issues on MCStemperature

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    Installation issues on MCStemperature

    I just installed MCStemperature and it hangs every time I try to save anything,

    I got the following log messages so I think it is installed

    Version 6.0.7 Registered with Homeseer
    Finished initializing plug-in mcsTemperature

    But on any page when I press the save changes, it hangs up with a message at the bottom of the screen that says:
    "Waiting for http://192.168.../Temperature.asp"

    I eventually click to go back to Homeseer. If i go back into mcstemperature config I get the messages:

    Maximum simultaneous ASP requests now = 2
    TemperatureASP 10 second Timeout On Pending ASP Request with pending level 2

    I also get a pop-up window titled mcstemperature that says "Chart Director to be downloaded (4 MBytes) and installed to support graphics....." This never appears to actually download anything.

    All I am trying to do is track and graph some virtual devices (temperatures) created by another plug-in. I have uninstalled and reinstalled and I keep getting the samee problems.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated.

    You can download and install chart director manually from It is the asp/com/vb version that you want.

    The other is more difficult. In essence mcsTemperature interacts with the HS web server to service the mcsTemperature.asp request. Based upon your description is seem something is blocking the request from being completed. I dont think the downlaod of chart director is blocking but should eliminate that possibily by having it installed before mcsTemperature is started.

    If any forms appear then these will be blocking. I do not think there should be any, but make certain browser or other windows are not covering a form shoudl it be present



      Just downloaded and installed from the link provided. It fixed the problem. Now I can actually learn how to use the Plug-in!

      Thanks very much for your help.