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Forecast problems and questions

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    Forecast problems and questions

    I'm new to HS2 an am running v6.0.7 of mcsTemperature along with a TEMP08 interface to log internal temperatures at my vacation home near Muskoka, Ontario, Canada.

    I managed to get the TEMP08 logging to work, but haven't had any luck with forecasts. Spent a lot of time reading the mcsTemp user guide, and pouring through this forum looking for others with similar problems. This thread was pretty similar to my situation:

    Problem: no forecast info of any kind is displayed, several "404" URLs in the log. In the forecast .ini file, I have myACCID="CYQA" .

    1. What site(s) is/are used to obtain weather info in this version?
    2. Is it possible to support Canadian locations such as mine with these sites? There was a CanadianWeather plugin, but that no longer works.
    3. Do I need to fill in any values for the fields under<small> "Sensor Virtual Devices for Forecast Display and Controls" ?

    Thanks in advance for your help!