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problems with db

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    problems with db

    after now running the plugin for 2 years or so, getting now problems with registrations in the database.

    i writh every 2 min to the db,......that worked good ,...till a few months a go .
    now there is only a few readings in the our???
    there is no pattern to reconice.

    what dit gone wrong.
    how can i get it to work again.

    i use a temp08 as one wire interface.

    i have upgrade'd the plugin to the latast version,....this dit not work for my problem.

    ps. can it be that the db got to big ?

    Access is good to about a Gigabyte with an absolute limit of perhaps at 2G. SQL Server is better for larger databases and for query response time.

    If you have Access you can compact/repair the databse to reduce its size. You can also setup mcsTemperature to use a different database and it will create a new one. There is no built-in capability to copy from Access to SQL or to use data from two different databases.

    If there are no error messages in the log then database size is the only guess as to what may be happening.