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Creating 2x virtual thermostats

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    Creating 2x virtual thermostats

    I have a problem with the plugin.

    I want to create two virtual thermostats, one for the living room, and one for the bedroom.

    I first created one for the livingroom, and that works great.
    I then created one for the bedroom, and everything looked fine, until I ran the event that was set up. For some reason the event that is created for the bedroom has issues with the tempereture control device.

    These are my device codes:
    Q17 Bedrom heater
    Q6 Livingroom heater no. 1
    Q29 Livingroom heater no. 2
    Q16 Bedroom temp sensor
    Q27 Livingroom temp sensor
    ]37 Livingroom virtual thermostat
    ]40 Bedroom virtual thermostat

    For my livingroom the event creates two temp control devices:

    Control Active Q27 Limits [20 to 21] Now 22, Controlled Device Q6 Off for 0:04:04

    Control Active Q27 Limits [20 to 21] Now 22, Controlled Device Q29 Off for 0:04:04

    These work fine.

    However for my bedroom the event creates this temp control device:

    Control Active Q27 Limits [20 to 21] Now 22, Controlled Device Q29 Off for 0:05:37

    It is suppposed to control the heater in my bedroom using data from the bedroom temp sensor. For some reason it's using both the temp sensor in my livingroom, and also controlling one of the heaters in the livingroom...

    These are the events that create the temp control devices:

    I cant find any errors in these events, but maybe somebody else can...

    The temp sensor are mapped in mcsTemp and graph propperly.

    My initial guess is that it is confused because you have two temperature actions associated with the same event. There is a relationship that exists between the control device name and the event name and the temperature action. This one-to-one relationship cannot be maintained as it is now setup.

    I suggest that for your living room you do not control your two heaters, but only Q6. Add events to slave Q29 to Q6. This will allow the one-to-one relationships to be maintained. If this does not initially work you may need to remove the event and control device so it can be recreated in total.


      That did the trick! Thanks!