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    By the way that datafile works great - so thanks for that! Not sure why my HS won't recreate the datafile but I am working now.


      Two things I would suggest. You can continue with what you have and/or do the following:
      1. You are using 6.0.7 and there are more recent versions in both the updater and the most recent at the top of the mcsTemperature subforum. To use the one on the message board just unzip into the HS folder
      2. After you delete the database you need to do a Save operation from mcsTemperature to allow it to recreate it.


        #18 is the latest according to the updater but I just downloaded the latest and will give it a whirl. But, all is well now with that datafile so thanks!


          Info about the discrete database field

          I had a similar problem with my motion sensors. Looking in the database the table was missing the "Discrete" field. I think it has to do with the creation of the table. I created the "sensor" as a default "temperature" entry and later I changed it into a "switch".

          What I did was deleting the MotionSensor table from the database and than recreated the "sensor" in the sensor configuration (just hit enter on the sensor line is enough to let mcsTemperature to recreate the database table)