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Database Logging Interval?

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    Database Logging Interval?

    I was wondering what the logging interval is for V6.0.7? I can see anywhere from 10min to 40min per record and wanted to get more granular.

    Also, can xapmcs1wire replace mcsTemperature (or coexist) in features? My only requirements are logging to a DB preferably at a 1min - 5min interval and having the ability to do event actions on 1-wire device changes.

    I'm probably missing something, but if you go to the Interfaces page you can set the data collection interval for your data sources down to 1 minute or less. Different sources can be set to have different collection intervals.


      Analog/continuous data is recorded as billt indicted based upon the user-defined recording interval. I believe the entry has resolution of one minute. Discrete data (on/off) is recorded at each transition so there is no specific interval.

      xapmcs1wire can coexist with mcsTemperature and xapmcsDatabase/xapmcsChart can also be used rather than mcsTemperature for database collection and charting. Only one 1-wire interface that uses the DallasSemiconductor drivers can be enabled on the same computer at the same time. If you run xapmcs1wire then you will want to disable the 1-wire on mcsTemperature.


        I know this is a stupid question but in the Interfaces page are we talking about the setting;
        <INPUT value=1 CHECKED type=checkbox name=UseDatabase> Transfer mapped virtual devices to database at interval <INPUT value=1 size=2 name=DataCollectionInterval> Minutes

        that controls the updates to the DB? If so, I have it set to 1 minute and the DB gets updated every 20min or so.


          If you have a Temp05/08 definded in the mcsTemperature setup then the database update rate is slaved to it. If the Temp05/08 stops then the database update is a function of the poll rate defined for the Temp05/08.

          The setting you identiifed is the correct one, given the caveat above.


            I am using a DS9097U to collect the data for now. I do have a Temp05 that is not yet hooked up.

            In the data collection methods section these are the only settings I have configured;

            <INPUT value=1 CHECKED type=checkbox name=UseDS9097> Use DS9490/DS9097U to collect data on comm port <INPUT value=USB2 size=8 name=DSPort> at update interval <INPUT value=1 size=2 name=DSSampleInterval> seconds
            and poll switches at <INPUT value=1000 size=5 name=DS9097SwitchInterval> milliseconds, <INPUT value=1 type=checkbox name=AlarmingSwitches> Poll only alarming switches
            COM Adapter Type <INPUT value=DS9097U size=25 name=AdapterType>

            <INPUT value=1 CHECKED type=checkbox name=UseDatabase> Transfer mapped virtual devices to database at interval <INPUT value=1 size=2 name=DataCollectionInterval> Minutes

            I have rebooted the system and still am not having any luck getting the 1 min interval.

            There must be something I set incorrectly.


              The setting of 1 second for polling with the DS9097U and likley the 1000 milliseconds for the switches are likley unreasonable. The A/D conversion for a single temperature reading is approx 1 second. Polling switches explicitly may or may not be necessary depending upon how fast a switch response you want.

              Otherwise the settings look OK and should result in a 1 minute logging of analog data. If you set the general debug setting and collect data for 30 minutes of so then it may show some info that is not obvious right now. The debug output goes into a .txt file in a \Data subfolder.


                I figured out why it is taking ~20 minutes to update. I have 20 temperature sensors. If I disconnect all but 1 sensor then I get a 2min update interval.

                Any ideas on how to make this faster? Would like to get to a resolution of 2-5min for all 20 sensors in the database.

                Thanks for your help.


                  Did you change you polling interval to something reasonable such as 300 seconds rather than the 1 second you now have?