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Temperature trend?

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  • Temperature trend?

    Is there a way of calculating the temperature trend of a sensor with mcsTemperature and using it in event triggering?

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    Personally I would guess that it would be a script polling the temperature data in the DB and deriving a new variable for said data like what you see in the trending mcsTemp pages. Unless maybe you can get the variable from mcsTemperature directly?
    - Pete

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      Temperature trend could be interpreted in many ways. The short term trend is typically the rate of change such as what is provided with xapmcs1wire. A longer term trend is a moving average such as in a 200 day moving average. The points in the moving average could be the daily highs, lows, or some form of daily average. With so many different ways of looking at the data the natural way to do it is with a query of the database from a script such as Pete suggested.