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moitoring a HS device

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    moitoring a HS device

    There are two HS devices I would like to monitor and plot with mcsTemp. These devices are just normal HS devices with device codes, etc. They are either on or off. In reality the devices are well pumps. I just want to keep track of how long the pumps are on and when they are on.

    Can I use mcsTemp for that?

    I'm confused on how to approach this? Do I just pretend the device is a sensor? What type of sensor do I choose? minutes? But there is no numeric value in the device corresponding to how long it is on, so I don't see how to do this.

    These are discrete types. I forget if mcsTemperature uses Discrete or Switch (input discrete) and Relay (output discrete). mcsTemperature will record the DeviceStatus ON/OFF transitions to the database and charts can be made. In your case it will be an output discrete or relay.