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All Temp sensors not showing up in HS

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  • All Temp sensors not showing up in HS

    I installed mcsTemp as a clean install from the updater. Not all of my temp sensors were showing up in HS. They were all showing up in the config for mcsTemp. I looked at the mcsTemp config file and found the HS device ID's that weren't in HS. I then manually created devices with those ID's in HS and assigned them to the same room "Temperature" as the other devices. mcsTemp populated the devices with the correct values and it all worked. Just posting this since I searched the forum and didn't find a solution, maybe I didn't use the right words. I upgraded mcsTemp to the latest from the forum download after I did this maybe it's not a problem in the latest version? I'm using a Temp08 to collect sensor data.


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    What you did is fine. I believe devices are created in HS when they are entered on the Sensor page. I dont recall what happens when they are already on the sensor page, but not in HS. Suspect they just did not get updated.