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Hobby Boards 4 channel relay

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  • Hobby Boards 4 channel relay


    Quick question, I had this hobby board 4 channel relay laying around for a while and decided to hook it up today. I set the device type in MCSTemp to "Relay" and used the on/off button in homeseer to turn on the relay. All worked fine however I see the relay only stays on for about 1 minute and then goes off. Is this normal or is there something else I should be doing?

    Many thanks,


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    I would look at the IO Window to see the communication between the PC and HB Relays. This will determine the status being returned. Also need to identify if the relay turns off or if only the status of the relay turns off.


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      Sorry for the long pause in comming back. Had a serious problem in work so last few weeks were manic. First of all I'd like to say great to mail you again (MCSTemp still working away solid after all these years)

      Anyway the relay does turn off after about 30 seconds and Homeseer reflects this status on refresh.

      Looking at the IO window:- I know I had this issue before but I cant seem to see the IO window when I activate it. I moved around the current window, minimized it etc but cant see it. I have V5.2.0 of MCSTemp. I did enable the Show raw data and see it filling the log file with data but I dont think it is what you asked.

      Many thanks again,



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        The data in the log will be the same as what is shown on the IO Window. Just capture a segment for the period when you see the relay status change. You also need to determine if the physical relay also changes state by measuring it outputs with a meter or some other indication.