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    mcsTemperature-Temperature Actions

    I'm having problems with one of my events using Temperature Actions.

    I've attached a screen shot of what I've done.

    I am trying to get it to turn on device h13, if temp is too cold, and off if too hot, but only if device w70 is off.

    I'm a little confused by "Conditional Turn Off only When Following Device is [On=Checked, Off=Unchecked]"

    Does this mean that the condition will be met when the device os on or off?


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    I need to look at how this mapped from the original HS1 that had forms and HS2 that is browser layout. It looks like the checkboxes associated with the conditional device are not showing.


      ah, that would explain things then, as I tried the logic either way but could not get it to effect the conditional off.


        The two checkboxes at the bottom of the Temperature Action setup are the ones referenced as the condition device state. They are not labeled correctly,, but they should function correctly. The left one is the Enable ON state so if it is checked then the temperature action is enabled if the device at the top of the Temperature Action is ON otherwise it is disabled. If it is unchecked then the action is enabled only when the device is OFF. The checkbox to the right of the the first one is for the conditional control of the turn off action.

        I confirmed the logic picks up the correct parameters from the setup page. You will also see the verbage in the Action column on the Event page will reflect this conditional device and this looks to be correct. For example Index40 is the condidtional device and in the ON transition I set it to be ON while in the OFF transition I used Index39 in the OFF state to enable it.

        Turn ON #3: Temperature Temperature38 If #1: Temperature Index40 is ON
        WHEN #4: Temperature Temperature37 is Above Lower Limit (40),
        Turn OFF #3: Temperature Temperature38 AND #2: Temperature Index39 is OFF 
        WHEN #4: Temperature Temperature37 is Below Upper Limit (80)
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          Thanks for getting back to this.

          ok so in my example:

          Turn ON H13: House Central Heating If H99: House Home is ON
          WHEN R1: House Temperature Q1 is Below Upper Limit (+.2+t13),
          Turn OFF H13: House Central Heating AND H8: Workshop Fan Coil is ON
          WHEN R1: House Temperature Q1 is Above Upper Limit (+.2+t13)

          The turning on of the device H13, seems to work perfectly, will it turn off H13 only when H8 is on or off?

          Sorry for being a but thick on this.




            Also, the event for this action is set to manual, but runs forever. If I make a change the mcsTemp auctions, will I have to run it again manually for the changes to take affect?


              I do not think you need to retrigger it. The concept of a "forever" action does not fit well into the HS event model so I am not 100% certain.