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Comm1_OnCom on line 30 Error reading comm device

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    Christmas present. 1WIO support is now in the latest plugin version in the updater or just the .exe from the link at the Temperature6 sticky thread.


      Thx you a very nice christmas present!! Works great. So I have something to spend my free christmas moments ......

      The last isue is still that there is no data stored in the mcstemperature.mdb file. The sensors are read and the values are printed in HS2. You asked for the the zipped ini file. I can not post a file on this forum, so I paste the whole ini file in this thread.

      I hope you can work this out also, then evevyrthing is working great.

      Have a nice christmas and thx again


        It looks to me as if your database field names on the Interface page are not unique. It does not matter what they are, but each needs to be unique. You should have received some messages about this in the HS log when the table was being created. Edit the DB Fields and save and watch the HS log.

        If you still have problems... I see you have the General Debug enabled on the Interface page so you should have files in the \Data\mcsTemperature folder with "General" in their name. Select a reasonably current one and email it to mcssolutions at centurytel dot net. Also include you database which is mcsTemperature.mdb in the \data or HS folder.

        You have the Interface page setup to show Temp08 is delivering data at 1 minute intervals. This should be the same as you have set the Temp08 for its polling interval.
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          I think you are on the right track. But I did not rename any field or sensor by myself, so the plug in does something by itself.

          By example. I tried to delete some of the displayed sensors (as you mentioned by deleting name and ID) or calibrate temp sensors. But nothing is happening. When I push save the empty fields are filled again. And I get this message in the HS log file:

          <TABLE border=0 cellSpacing=2 cellPadding=0 width="100%"><TBODY><TR><TD class=LOGType0 colSpan=3 align=left>mcsTemperature </TD><TD class=LOGEntry0 colSpan=8 align=left>3E000800E985E310 AND INTERNAL_ADC__00 have same database entry of s3E000800E985E310, 1B0000004CC90326V AND 8E00080092559E10V have same database entry of s1B0000004CC90326V, INTERNAL_ADC__00V AND 3E000800E985E310V have same database entry of sInternal_ADC__00V, 1B0000004CC90326A AND 670008009217AC10A have same database entry of s1B0000004CC90326A</TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE>

          Because I can't delete sensors I can't manage these conflicts.

          The interval times are equal.

          Do you have any clue?



            You can edit each database field name so that no two are the same. You have multiple s1B0000004CC90326A entries on the Sensor page. With you posted .ini I did this and change the database field names to s1, s2 etc. You can do it yourself. You should also be able to use the one that I attached if you prefer. It will not have any changes in your .ini since you posted it earlier.
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              thx. So I edit the ini file like you said. But unfortunately no results. The database file mcstemperature.mdb isn't updated like it should every minute. So it looks like something else is causing this problem.

              I send the ini and mdb file to your email.

              Do you have any idea?


                When working with a database you need to be sensitive to use of resereved words and special characters. The date field name that you have setup is "Date" which is a reserved word for the Access/SQL database. The default is SampleDate and I edited your file to change it. You also have some fields with two names. mcsTemperature automatically combines the two, but for clarity I also edited the file to make them a single name.
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                  That did do the job. MANY THX!!

                  But now there is one other thing. New temperatur sensors are given a ^10 code (by example) in stead of R10 what is the standard setting for new temperature sensors. Because they got ^ in stead of R I can't give them an other letter assignment. I tried to change it in mcs in the sensor tab, but that did not change anything in HS2. Only in the sensor tab. Same is with the relais in HS2.

                  How can I change the code?

                  Thx again!


                    The plugin uses house codes assigned by HS for new devices that it creates such as those from the Temp08. In previous versions of the plguin I allowed a user to override this, but that caused problems of overwrite which I discovered when doing the 1WIO.


                      So if I understand you right I can't change the device code from new added sensors. Some old sensors automatically changed to the new type. Not all.

                      But most important, the sensor reading and graph is working great. Sometimes an issue wit .net framework but that's something to ivestigate.

                      So again many thanks (so far :-) )