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2e instance of 1wire software on same computer

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    2e instance of 1wire software on same computer


    I have a chain of 1 wire sensors (ds18b20 and ds2408) and a ds2490 usb interface on the computer.

    I get almost the max ds18b20 temp sensors and ds2408 inputs/outputs.

    Is it possible to use a 2e instance of 1 wire and a 2e ds2490 to create
    a new bus with homeseer?

    The performance of the cpu is now 15% !!

    regards piever.

    I believe the design supports this. Just comma-separate the COM port and device type entries so mcsTemperature knows there is more than one adapter connected. It should not materially change the cpu utilization and actually will marginally increase it. There is also issues with the 9097U and DS2405 devices used as relays as the state of the relay will drop when the adapter is no longer the active adapter.