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    I want to overhaul my mcsTemperature setup. I have about 40 devices running but also have a handful of "unknown" devices that never get updated. I think these are probalby some older devices created when I was first experimenting with this plug-in.

    So, what the best way to completely eliminate my database and re-install all my devices. I plan on adding the devices back into the network one at a time so I know for certainty which device is what and where it is located.


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    While HS is running delete the devices that are currently defined for mcsTemperature sensors that were created by mcsTemperature. Dont delete those created by other plugins. Observe the path on the database setup page where the database is located. Shut down HS. Move your database to somewhere else for a backup. It is the setup option noted above, but normally relative to homeseer at \Data\mcsTemperature.mdb. mcsTempeature will create a new one if it is missing next time it starts. You can also move your \Config\mcsTemperature.ini, but less radical is to to edit it and remove the items in [Devices] and [Database] sections. Start HS and reinstall sensors as desired.


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      I'll give that a try. I am hoping that this will also solve some of my chart plotting problems.