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Support for HM-TS001?

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  • Support for HM-TS001?

    Does this plugin support the new Home Manageables HM-TS001 Z-wave temp/humidity sensor? These are also known as Everspring ST814 I believe.

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    The zwave portion is internal to HS so the ability to use the data from this sensor is based upon how HS places the data in virtual devices. If they use a single device with a textual representation of the data then it likely will not be able to be directly used. If they provide a separate device for each component then it likely can be used directly. For the types of devices that are not machine-friendly others have been using a script to parse the textual description into individual devices. The script would be trigger either based upon a change in the device or run periodically.

    The bottom like is that it likely will support it, but dont have the device to know exactly what HS is providing