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    Issue with

    I just installed MCStemp on a new fresh system. But it seems like it is not creating the database. I have searched and searched for it and it does not exist.

    I bring this up because nothing is being recorded. I am using MCStemp just to track HS devices updated by mcsxap1wire.

    When I click on anything to do with the database, I get the following error:

    5/30/2011 10:05:23 AM - mcsTemperature - FormatTemperatureScreen on line 1970 Could not find file 'C:\Program Files (x86)\HomeSeer HS2\mcsTemperature.mdb'.

    I have tried stopping and restarting HS in the hope it would create the DB, but it never does.

    What can I do for it to create the database? Or is this a bug?

    Windows 7, HS Clean install.

    This is typically an Interface Page setting to record data at some interval to the database. If you post your Config\mcsTemperature.ini then it will be easier to see what you have setup. The database path and type is a user setting with the default being Access mcsTemperature.mdb in either \Data or root HS folders.


      Ya, I forgot to turn on the feature to pull info into database at an interval. I turned that on and things are rolling now.



        I may be having a related issue.

        I've just installed the plugin and I am able to see the one-wire temp sensors. I also switched from running the WeatherXML script to using the plugin to get weather data (I provided the password, location code, etc that I had previously used in the WeatherXML script).

        It looks like as a result the plugin has been able to pick up the current temperature from the weather forecast. But I really want to see the minimum temperature forecast for tomorrow, the next day, etc, and the plugin cannot seem to get this data.

        When I click on "Get forecast now" I get the following error in the log file:

        GetWeather2 C:\Program Files\HomeSeer 2\mcsTemperature.mdb Forecast, F1Max, SQL=SELECT * FROM Forecast WHERE v_LastUp = #2011-05-30 8:53:00 PM# DB=Provider = Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0; Data Source= Item cannot be found in the collection corresponding to the requested name or ordinal. on line 2290

        I'm attaching the mcsTemperature.ini file in case this is helpful in finding the problem.

        Thanks in advance for any help you can provide...
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          I do not think mcsTemperature will any longer download WeaterXML data, but will get it from NWS/NOAA. It will use the file from the WeaterXML downlaod which it expects to be at \data\weathercom_xml\weathercom.xml and this a setup item that the user can change.

          The forecast page has a set of device codes that should be populated with forecast info. Assure that these device are identified for you tempertures of interest.

          Both NOAA and have different ways to get local data and forecast data. I believe the license is 4 hours for forecast and something like 1 hour for current data. I suspect that the script downloads everyting every 1 hour and this likely is a violation of the license.

          I do not know about the error in your log for Get Forecast Now, but for NOAA it should toggle between current conditions and forecast with each use.


            Thanks for the response, and I'm sorry to still be confused. I've looked through the instruction manual for mcsTemperature and I can't find any detailed instructions for how to set up the forecast data.

            Specifically, is there a place in the documentation which describes exactly how to fill in the form on the plugin that is titled "Forecast"? Where do we get NOAA codes? For example, the code for Windsor, VT appears to be "FPUS51 KBTV 031739 ZFPBTV". Which part of this code do I enter? What do I enter for City - isn't the city specified in the code?

            Under the WeatherXML section, do I want to select "Get from WeatherXML file" or "Get from NWS site"? Your post to my question suggested that I use the WeatherXML file to get the NWS data, so it's very unclear (to me) which one to pick.

            Sorry to be so dense - if I have missed the instructions somewhere, please simply point me to a document and page and I will happily figure it out myself. If the documentation doesn't exist, any instructions from you would be appreciated.

            Thanks in advance.


              Here is what I used to test and obtained the forecast download. I did have an old database and got errors in the HS log with SQL query, but when I replaced the database it was OK. I also got the forecast icons for 5 days on the Weather Page.
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