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Creating Charts via URL issue.

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    Creating Charts via URL issue.


    Again, I am sure I am just missing something small. I am trying to pull up a chart automatically. But I cant get the Period to change. Here is what I am typing in the url.

    But the period always stays at 6Hour.

    What am I doing wrong?

    mcsTemperature chart pages were not designed to operate outside of the context of the mcsTemperatuer pages. It had(s) design provisions to operate effectivley in a low bandwidth environment such as dial-up.

    I use xapmcsChart to build pages upon request. This creates the line chart this is intended to be embedded in other displays. In particular I use it out of xapmcsImage to build images for picture frames. xapmcsChart gets its data from the database managed by xapmcsDatabase. xapmcs1wire and xapmcsTemp0x are the application I use to put 1-wire data on the LAN for xapmcsDatabase to collect and for HS to read via mcsXap plugin. This is a long way to go if you are not setup in a distributed xAP environment.

    You might be able to make it work with mcsTemperature, but is not something that it was made to do. The top level logic around data received from browser request is below. There is logic elsewhere for transition between pages where the logic is different.

    330           s = hsForm("EndDate")
    340           If s = "" Then
    350               EndDate = FormatDateTime(DateAdd("h", 1, Now), vbShortDate) & " " & hour(DateAdd("h", 1, Now))
    360               EndingDate = EndDate
    370               DisplayEndDate = "Now"
    380               SelectedPeriod = hs.GetIniSetting(TemperatureGroup, "DefaultPeriod", "24Hour", TemperatureIniFile)
    390               StartDate = ComputePeriod(SelectedPeriod, EndDate)
    400               If sGroup = "" Then
    410                    GetGroup hs.GetIniSetting(TemperatureGroup, "SelectedGroup", "Default", TemperatureIniFile)
                      '     SelectedAggregate = hs.GetINISetting(TemperatureGroup, "DefaultAggregate", "None", TemperatureIniFile)
    420               Else
    430                    GetGroup sGroup
    440               End If
    450               If (graphStyle = cLine Or graphStyle = cLine2 Or ((graphStyle <> cTable) And alwaysShowGraph)) Then
    460                 displayGroups = 1
    470                 FormatTemperatureScreen True 'with graph
    480               Else
    490                 FormatTemperatureScreen False 'without graph
    500               End If
    510           Else
    520               ClientRequest
    530               If graphStyle = cColor Or graphStyle = cAllx Then
    540                 displayGroups = 1
    550               End If
    560               FormatTemperatureScreen (graphStyle <> cTable) 'True  'with graph
    570           End If