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mcsTemp reporting 0 (zero) values

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  • mcsTemp reporting 0 (zero) values

    I don't exactly know when this started but temp devices in HS that are populated by mcsTemperature randomly show as 0 (zero). Typically they will be reading just fine for a few hours and then I'll get a zero reading for several mcsTemp update cycles (mcsTemp is set to poll every 2 minutes). About 10 to 15 minutes later, I'll start getting a good reading from that sensor. It sometimes happens to just one sensor and other times it affects two or three sensors. I have a total 8 temp sensors. The temp sensors are DS1820 one-wire devices connected to a Temp08. If I monitor the I/O stream using the mcsTemp menu in HS I never see any sensors read back as 0. I have check the box "Use Previous on Bad Reading" in mcsTemp config. I restarted HS after checking the "use previous on bad reading" setting in mcsTemp. The Temp08 is connected directly to a serial port on the HS computer. How do I go about trouble-shooting the 0 value?

    mcsTemp 6.1.26
    HS NOT running as a service
    Windows XP

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    Suggest enabling the general debug and collect data until you observe the zero value. This will then give a starting point to assess what is happening.


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      I saw a value of 0 last night at 10:42PM but I can't remember which sensor it was. Here's a log snippet from around that time. If you can't see a zero value in here I'll catch the next one and make a note of which sensor.

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        The log shows a high percentage of time where data is missing from the communication. Since both Temp08 and mcsTemperature have considerable evidence that both handle data properly the first place I would look is the serial interface drivers that you are using. This type of behavior is often seen with USB/Serial devices where the software drivers for your specific OS are not mature.