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Can't get chart from ON/OFF device

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  • Can't get chart from ON/OFF device

    Hello Michael,

    I've just purchased HS2 and before purchasing MCS temperature I would like to be sure that i can get charts from ON/OFF switchs to work.

    I've installed MSCtemp plugin and it's working quite well (I've setup a ST814 and i have nice charts for temp and humidity.Good job by the way!).

    Now I would like to have charts from devices, like X10 appliance modules or virtual device ( with the hs.devicestatus set to 2 or 3 for ON/OFF by scripting).

    So I declared the device code of those switchs in MCS temp ( with the 'switch' type).
    Then ,I added those sensors in a new group but I can't get any chart from this group.

    In fact when I open temperature.mdb I can't see any data in any of the 4 columns (ID,Sampledate,Discrete and duration) for those sensors,unlike the ST814 that is full of data.
    Did i missed something?
    Thank for your help.

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    hs.setdevicestatus only changes the status within HS, but does not result in a command to go to the interface associated with the device. There are some new commands that accomplish this, but what I have always used since the HS 1.x days is hs.ExecX10.

    Discrete data is charted as a waveform for the 6 hours scale and for longer durations it is charted as an accumlation of time in the ON state. For example, how long a light switch has been ON quantized by hour as one would see using a column chart. While it is not always the case, but most often one finds that there are discrete transitions multiple times and these can only be seen when using a timescale that has enough pixels to show it. This is the 6 hour scale.

    If you have an issue with charting a discrete then try charting both an analog and discrete on the same chart.