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Slow response of sensor database, sql use?

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    Slow response of sensor database, sql use?


    I have a system that has a slow response on the sensor database.The cpu time goes to 100% when I do a request to draw a picture.
    Its takes sometime 10 -30 sec to build a graph.
    I want to keep the computer for this becaurse it is only 40W on power.
    Normal the cpu performance is aboud 3 %.

    Is there somebody that has written a document to setup the sql database and the settings from mcs to connect to this or can give me information to set this up?
    The sqp database is mutch quicker to build a graph.

    Regards piever.

    Assuming you have SQL Server installed on the same computer where HS is running and its authorization is Integrated Security where the same password is used for SQL Server as is used for Windows login, then on the Database page use checkbox for Use SQL checkbox and then for the Sensor and Forecast database give names without path or file extensions. (e.g. Forecast Database and Sensor Database name is mcsTemperature). You should restart HS to allow the database to be created in SQL Server.


      SQL server (2005) is running on the same computer as Homeseer and security is Windows integrated.
      Do I need to put a normal SQL connection string in the textbox? (I tried "mscTemperature" but this gives an error: Could not connect to database or SQL server is not installed").


        The text boxes for SQL Server should be mcsTemperature for both Sensor Database and Forecast Database. For Access they will be mcsTemperature.mdb. Database provider section should have the Use SQL checkbox checked..

        I remember that there was some special case for server instance name when using SQL 2005 Express where it had to be explicitly containe in the connection string. If you are using Express then google for the server name that should be entered into the "with Server" text box, otherwise it can be left blank.

        You do not put a full connection string into any text box. You will be entering the database name and possibly the server instance identifier. mcsTemperature will form the connection string using Windows Integrated Security for the login credentials.


          Hello Michael,

          The installation of the sql database went well.
          The response is now perfect.

          Thanks for your help.



            what exactly goes in the sql connection to textbox?

            I have tried localhost, localhost:1433, sqlserver, mcsTemperature

            Full sql2008 r2...... Using integrated security.



              ah blank