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mcsTemperature and rs485 to 1wire

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    mcsTemperature and rs485 to 1wire

    I wanna used rs485 (distance about 300 meter) between PC and 1wire;
    like this:

    it's posible work this instalation?
    conwerter rs485<>1wire will be modbubs? or it's not important
    PC offcourse with mcsTemperature

    thanks for any sugestions,

    I rather doubt if it would work with doubts at the physical layer and the timing of waveforms. I do not have any experience trying to do something like this.

    What will likely be a better solution for you is one where there is local intelligence at your location to which you want to run RS-485 and then use some other communication mechanism to get back to your HS computer. Example might by something like Temp08 or HA7Net. You likley could get the RS-232 from Temp08 back to the PC with RS-485. If you have ethernet at the remote location then HA7Net.


      Thanks for help,
      I just started search info about Temp08,
      and Im thinking about another program (simplest) for this, maybe who's know?