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    NuBee question ? ? ?

    I'm trying out this plug-in to see if it meets my needs before I purchase it.

    Unfortunately, it seems REALLY complicated, and it's going to take quite some time and experimentation before I can get an idea of it's potential use. If I can get a quick question answered, it will give me more time before the trial period is up....I'm sure this is a question asked many times before, and I perused this part of the Homeseer message boards that pertain to this plug-in, but there are a LOT of pages to muck through before I find what I need.

    Ok, the scenario :

    I have three different weather stations (why so many ? As each weather station would age, various components would fail (wind gauge, rain gauge, etc)..And I would buy a new station rather than invest in the failed components:.however, the Base unit would usually still work, and I would be able to use that piece to recover temps & humidity from the rooms I placed them in.)..also a number of Templinc units placed throughout the house (you wouldn't believe the rigamarole I had to go through to still be able to use these).

    Now, I was able to populate virtual devices in homeseer with the values these units would question is, how do I insert the virtual devices into this plug-in so that I may graph the output ?

    I know it seems a very simple thing, but it seems that the plug in wants to recover the values directly from the weather stations and such...

    Any help would be much appreciated.

    On the Sensor page insert the device code of the device of interest. Include as many lines/device codes as desired.
    On the Interface page check the box for transfering virtual devices to database and then enter an appropriate rate at which data is transfered to the database.

    After a few samples are colleced then go to Group page, select a name for the group and identify which set sensors get plotted on same chart. Do this for as many groups as you want to have.