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    What needs to be done to have MCStemperature log to a sql database? What steps need to be done? Is the box for sql database wanting a system dsn entry or putting in the servername\instance? I tried servername\instance but get an error about not being able to create the database. Will it work with having the database on a remote server or does it need to be local?

    I have sqlexpress running on one of my servers and would like to have this write data there so that I can do trending over long periods of time using something like rrdtool or mrtg.

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    It uses integrated security so no password is used. You need to enter the name of the database you want to use and if you want to use other than the default instance of SQLServer you need to enter the instance name.

    I think I have read that SQLServer Express does not respond as being a default instance. In that case you need to use its name or a specific instance name for this version. Do a little googling on the limitations that the Express version has.


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      I ended up just putting full blown sql on. Do you have examples of what the sql line should look like or the config for it? Will it create the tables automatically/


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        It will create the tables it needs. The SQL source text box will be blank