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String required for upp limit in temp control

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    Sorry for confusing things. Ignore the V10 comment.

    Anyway, based on what you have shown me in your screen shot. I did a clean install and then set things up again. It must have been something i was doing wrong.

    I now have two thermostats. T29 and T31. each of these control to a diferent temp. One is my day temp and the other is a night or forst temp.

    The icon for these thermostats is now showing as per your example. ie the temp text at 16.5c say and the icon of the thermostat is also showing. So that is working !!! It was the thermostat icon that was not displaying before.

    The control for these stats is now working.

    I have set up my new chart and am plotting the two thermostatats above ie the two set points T29 and T31 on a chart along with the room temp from another device. This seems to be tracking corectly.

    All appears to be working and within the past 4 hours i have not received any errors in the log.

    Sorry for beeing a right pain. I can only put it down to user error i am afraid. Doing a clean install seems to have worked. Thankyou for your support. I will advise if any more errors come up.

    I have attahced some screen shots for ref.

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      I have two suggestions for your line chart. There is a setting to only include the device name vs. location and name. This will remove the "Temperature" from the label and then it will fit on one line and not wrap into the chart area. The second is that if do want to have two lines of label then you can set the offset from the top of the chart where the inner part starts.


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        Thanks for the suggestions . However just got up this morning and checked my event log in homeseer.

        After doing a reinstall and setting up all of the devices and chart correctly ? It looks like the errors are back !

        This is just a sample of the first log entires

        29/01/2013 03:57:58* mcsTemperature* TriggerAction MonitoredEventCount=101 101 on line 750 Subscript out of range
        29/01/2013 03:58:24* mcsTemperature* EvaluateDeviceAction m = 101, i = 0" on line 70 Subscript out of range
        29/01/2013 03:59:00* mcsTemperature* EvaluateDeviceAction m = 101, i = 0" on line 70 Subscript out of range
        29/01/2013 03:59:35* mcsTemperature* EvaluateDeviceAction m = 101, i = 0" on line 70 Subscript out of range
        29/01/2013 04:00:10* Event* Event Trigger "Thermostat Cntrl"
        29/01/2013 04:00:10* mcsTemperature* TriggerAction MonitoredEventCount=101 101 on line 670 Subscript out of range
        29/01/2013 04:00:11* mcsTemperature* EvaluateDeviceAction m = 101, i = 0" on line 70 Subscript out of range

        They are appearing very often. Every few mins and even every other second.

        I will post/ mail you my debug log and config ini later?

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          Here is a screeen shot of my latest chart. I have not made any chnages to my config except the ones you recommended and also increase the line thickness a bit more.

          The main homeseer device page is as above.
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            Log file and config file enclosed.
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              Do you have any ideas what is going wrong?

              I have done another clean install and setup again. All seemed to work fine but after about 4 hours the errors start coming back as described in previous posts.

              Could it be down to the fact I have two thermostats running?
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                Just got back on the forum this evening. Will take a look this weekend.


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                  I have been playing and I think it could be the following.

                  When I create an event for mcs temp and then add action of switching htrs on or or off based on my room temp device, lower and uppers limits. Mcstemperature creates a new device.

                  This device shows the upper and lower limits calculated from my thermostat and has the on and off buttons

                  When I set up the event I set it to run forever but I also set it to retrigger every ten mins.

                  I am guessing that by doing this every 10 mins. I was in effect creating another control device every time the script ran. Ie 10 mins.

                  From what I can see , I only need to create the event in order to create the control. Then the control will always run and the event does not need to be re triggered?


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                    Thank you for looking further. Yes this temperature action is intended to persist forever or whatever the selected duration was. By triggering again then another instance is created until you eventually get to 100 which is the max for which design provisions were made.


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                      You will be glad to hear that all is now working well, Again thanks for your support and patience. For anyone else reading... great app worth the money. Screens enclosed.
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