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Set bad reading to previous value not working

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  • Set bad reading to previous value not working

    I'm using mcsTemperature to log and graph the temperature and humidity recorded by my Oregon Scientific devices using the RFXcom, but my current set-up seems to record all bad readings as zero regardless of the setting :
    <input name="usePreviousOnBadReadings" value="0" type="radio"> Set bad reading to zero
    <input name="usePreviousOnBadReadings" checked="" value="1" type="radio"> Set bad reading to previous value

    are there any other configuration I need to set to make this work as intended?
    Do anyone else have this same problem?

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    When you use one of the hardware interfaces managed by mcsTemperture then the plugin can recognize a bad vs. good reading. When you use a virtual device then it has no what to know what is good or bad. It is the responsibility of the hardware interface plugin to recognize invalid data and then take some predictable action. I know in my RF interface (xapmcsRF) I discard erroneous readings so the next effect would be to no update the virtual device.


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      Thanks for the response.

      good to know where to look for a fix.
      The strange thing is that in an earlier version (more than 6 months ago) it seemed to work.
      It might be that in stead of reporting communication error (as now) it just did not update the value... I will look into the RFXCom configuration to see if i can adjust something there.