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decimal expression error in mcstemp

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    decimal expression error in mcstemp

    Hello Michael,

    I have a problem with the mcstemp V6.4.0 (same error in V6.2.25) when I
    use temperture actions.

    I get a Expression T12/27,7 in line 320 Syntax error in het hs2 log.

    It's the same as solved in V6.1.13 (frank van den Borg problem)
    27,7 must be 27.7 !??

    Do you have some advice?

    regards piever

    6.4.3 should take care of this.


      Hello Michael,

      I copied the new version in the hs2 dir.Started again and tested it.
      It give me the same syntax error on the 27,6 position.

      But I have a work around.
      I changed in windows 2003,control panel,regional and language option,customize,decimal symbol from , to a .
      Now the temperture is displayed in 27.6 instat of 27,6.
      The control and thermostat functions works now.
      It's not so nice but it works.

      Maybe you want to look inside version V6.4.3.

      Regards piever