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mcsMusic Feature Requests and Problem Reports

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  • mcsMusic Feature Requests and Problem Reports

    The mcsMusic plugin full package is available from the Updater. Selective updates will be made to the plugin based upon user request and feedback. These interim updates will be logged and posted in this thread.

    The zip file contents contains the paths relative to the homeseer root. If unzipped into the homeseer root then the files should be stored in the correct folders. Homeseer cannot be running when the files are extracted.

    <pre class="ip-ubbcode-code-pre">

    ID Version Description
    PR1 1.0.5 Get Lyrics / Get Bio dont work
    PR2 1.0.5 Allow multiple copies of same player on same computer
    PR3 obe Allow path for remote operations to be explicitly specified
    PR4 1.0.7 Allow local-only file path operations
    PR5 1.0.7 Allow shared drive for HS computer to be explicitly specified
    PR6 1.1.0 Add WMP Support
    PR7 1.2.0 Bio download not working
    PR8 1.2.0 Allow import of individual mp3 tracks to library & database
    PR9 1.2.0 Slinkx.ocx loads when CDJ not selected
    PR10 1.2.1 Database entries are deleted for CD-only records
    PR11 Genre playlists are not built
    PR12 1.3.5 SliMP3 support
    PR13 1.3.5 WMP Playlist item selection offset by 1
    PR14 1.3.5 Javascript error on single quote titles
    PR15 1.3.5 Improve recogniztion of tracks between player and database
    PR16 1.3.5 Add global variables for player-related objects
    PR17 1.4.0 Enable clientIP-based screen sizing
    PR18 1.4.0 Allow user-selectable spec for number of player of each type
    PR19 1.4.1 Support multiple SliMP3
    PR20 1.4.1 Default sizing for larger screens not available
    PR21 1.4.3 Allow multiple players on same remote computer
    PR22 1.4.3 Handle case of player shutdown on remote via script
    PR23 1.4.3 Hidden Frame Overflow
    PR24 1.4.3 Immediate feedback for change of player selections
    PR25 PopulateGenre Key already associated error
    PR26 BuildcdjPages Permission Denied error
    PR27 1.5.0 Allow multiple players on same remote computer
    PR28 1.6.0 Add support for 4-tier library
    PR29 1.6.1 Allow pointer files for multiple path libraries
    PR30 1.6.2 Tracks Database table may not have Artist or SoundFile
    PR31 1.6.3 Progress Info on ProcessASP error
    PR32 1.6.5 Extend Level 1 Access to Tax day
    PR33 1.6.7 Local folders not created for WMP w/o exe
    PR34 1.6.9 Restart client WMP is status shows not loaded
    PR35 1.6.9 Add button to treminate WMP clients
    PR36 1.7.0 Add support for flat library structure
    PR37 1.7.0 ID3 reconcille into database problems
    PR38 1.7.0 Remote Player does not launch
    PR39 1.7.0 arrSpeaker typo in mcsMusicPlayer.txt
    PR40 1.7.0 awake/sleep logic problems
    PR41 1.7.1 Slinkx does not load on LoadPlayer script command
    PR42 1.7.2 Loose control of WMP on Stop button
    PR43 1.7.2 Extend trial period
    PR44 1.7.2A AddFile error on building library
    PR45 1.7.2A Names with \,/ etc cause folder creation problems
    PR46 1.8.0 Add property PlaylistIndex for scripting access
    PR47 1.9.0 Add status change on playlist device for track changes
    PR48 n/a Powered.jpg not showing in Album picker page (tail.htm edit)
    PR49 1.9.2 Expode/Condense not working
    PR50 1.9.2 First playlist pulldown cannot be selected on initial draw
    PR51 1.9.3 Event of playlist device always selects last played playlist
    ---- Above From Updater
    PR52 1.9.4 Device Action on Player status provides incorrect options
    PR53 1.9.5 Player 1 always defaults to CDJ on playlist devices
    PR54 1.9.6 HS Devices only update when now playing browser is open
    PR55 1.9.8 LoadRemotePlayers error
    PR56 1.10.0 HS2 Compatibility
    PR57 1.10.2 Remove license requirement


    Note that the updates are contained in multiple zip files. In general the full set of files need to be downloaded to assure consistentency among the components. Also note that the mcsMusicPlayer.txt file will overwrite your customized file of the same name. Protect your file prior to unzipping.
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    Part 2 of the updates. All files contained in prior attachment are sufficient for execution. This attachment is the current documentation.
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      Regarding the issue I was having with splash being displayed instead of the Album cover art.

      The images are in the CDJ database. I verified this by viewing Album cover art within CDJ. The images are there.

      I don't think the issue is caused by special characters. It seems to be more of a global issue, like every single album cover is missing. I ran into the special characters problem before while setting up NPFrames and it only affected the JPGs with special characters.

      The album covers are displayed correctly in the Album picker pages, although I am not sure that mcsMusic is looking in the same place or for the same filenames. It does look like all of the images have been copied to the mcsMusic\AlbumCovers directory.

      At this point, I think a tracer script would be really helpful.


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        I have kicked off the "Get Bios" function from the "Library" tab in mcsMusic configuration. A process has been running for a while now and I can see the timestamp being updated on the CDJ database.

        One note on the incremental updates. I discovered that in order to install, I had to exit out of Homeseer. If not, I was unable to overwrite the files with the updated version. Not a big deal, but something that might trip some people up.


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          The attached contains a trace for when CDJ looks at the album in the database and plugin looks for it in the folder and when it updates the album for status display.

          If the file is in the database but not in the folder then a line will be written as to which file it is looking for. Each time the album cover changes from CDJ a line will be written to the file.

          You will also notice a log file in \Data\mcsMusic for the bio and lyrics which shows each attempt and each success.

          CDJ writes to the database once every minute so it is best if CDJ is not running while the lyrics are being updated. The bio can be done at the same time since it goes into a different table.


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            OK, the cover art image problems seems to be a path problem. In the mcsMusic files tab I specify the following for the albumcover directory:


            This is the server relative directory and you prepend the following "network" path:

            \\office\c\Program Files\Homeseer

            The image files are not being located at this path. I thought I might be able to override the prepend path by specifying the full path to the the AlbumCovers directory:

            c:\Program Files\Homeseer\html\mcsMusic\AlbumCovers

            Unfortunately, the prepend network path is added to this, as well. Is there a way I can override the "network" path that you are using with my local path??


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              The files tab has two album cover entries to be made. One is the physical location with the full path. It will be something like \\office\c\Program Files\Nirvis\AlbumCovers

              The bottom one is server-relative and this will be /mcsMusic/AlbumCovers. I think this path can be anything in the \HTML, but there should be no reason to change it from the default since the covers are all recopied when the Album Picker files are generated.

              From what I understand on your post, the /html/ is missing from the path in the info line of the trace code. Or are you indicating that \\office\c is not the machine\drive name for the homeseer computer?


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                OK, since mcsMusic is using the network path to the C drive of the server machine, this drive must be shared. The problem is resolved once I share the C drive. I am using Windows XP, not sure if this matters.

                I'll keep plugging away. I am sure I will have more feedback. Thanks for the help.


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                  Glad you got it going. I'm going to change the logic a little to only use network paths if a network path is specified in the Files tab for any of the full path folders. This way it will not force users to share a drive when only local operations are performed.


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                    jmonthie ,
                    are you saying you are getting albumcovers to show on the asp page after sharing the Drive?
                    If so , I am not and my drive is shared. I'm running win2k


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                      Yes, I am able to see the album covers now. Make sure you are sharing the root C drive (rather than just the homeseer directory). Also, have you verified that the mcsMusic/AlbumCovers directory contains the images?? Do the album picker pages display the images??

                      I would recommend downloading the trace script that Michael posted a couple of days ago. This will write a message to the "ah" log file in the homeseer directory telling you exactly what filename mcsMusic is looking for. From there you should be able to zero in on the problem.


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                        yes I had all that set.
                        all is working with the 107 verson..
                        ..good work Mike


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                          I'm getting errors with mcsMusic

                          1/3/2004 6:09:39 PM~!~mcsMusic~!~GetCurrentStatus Component 'slinkx.ocx' or one of its dependencies not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid

                          This occurs when I try to goto "Now Playing"

                          1/3/2004 6:15:31 PM~!~Web Server Error 404~!~Cannot serve file: C:\Program Files\HomeSeer\html\/includes/style.asp
                          1/3/2004 6:15:31 PM~!~Web Server Error 404~!~Cannot serve file: C:\Program Files\HomeSeer\html\/includes/header.asp
                          1/3/2004 6:15:31 PM~!~Web Server Error 404~!~Cannot serve file: C:\Program Files\HomeSeer\html\/includes/footer.asp

                          I get these when I try to generate playlists.

                          Any ideas?


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                          "The universal answer is 42."


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                            The referenced ocx is associated with the CDJ player. It should only be requested by the plugin if that player is selected from the list of available players. It may be the case that if no player is selected on the setup then it could default to this one thus generating the error. This configuation is on the Player tab of the setup screen.

                            The header.asp etc are from the Includes package from the updater. I should have made that a download dependency. You can download it from the updater.


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                              Ok, I've downloaded mcsMusic from the updater and the message board and can't seem to get either working.

                              After the plugin is installed, and the interface added the menu does show up. But when I click on setup and tools nothing happens. If instead, I click on setup on the interfaces tab of HomeSeer, I can get the screen to come up. At some point during the config though, I get a runtime error and HomeSeer seems to stop responding.

                              Ok, I was poking around some more and saw an error in the log about mswinsck.ocx. So I downloaded it and installed on the PC. I was able to get through all of the configuration steps this time. Or at least it seems that way. There were some problems creating the database initially, but that looks like it's more my ID3 tags than anything.

                              At this point I have at least a partial database created and was able to auto build some playlists. For some reason now when I go to view the webpage though, it just seems to end up in some sort of loop. Looking at the status bar in IE, I can see it is continually trying to load different frames. Looking at the HomeSeer log, it's complaining about the slinkx.ocx. So I double checked that I have WMP set as my default player, so I'm not sure why it's looking for that file. Any clues?

                              I'm going to go through the docs again and make sure I'm not missing something, but it seems like there is something pretty basic wrong. I'll gladly provide any additional information you need to get this working. TIA

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