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MCMusic and ITunes

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    MCMusic and ITunes

    Can this plugin also access ITunes on the XP Machine?

    I use ITunes and an Airport to pipe music directly to my stereo and would like to be able to remote control it.

    I did not do anything with iTunes other than look at the SDK and determined it to have a API model similiar to WMP and J River MC.


      Took a very quick look at apple sdk and following script starts playing songs in playlist "HomeSeer"

      sub main()
      Dim iTunesApp
      Set iTunesApp = CreateObject("iTunes.Application")
      Dim mainLibrary
      Set mainLibrary = iTunesApp.LibrarySource
      Dim playlists
      Set playlists = mainLibrary.Playlists
      Dim HSPlaylist
      Set HSPlaylist = playlists.ItemByName("HomeSeer")


      end sub

      also useful would be


      Check the apple sdk docs for anything more sophisticated.


        The problems with supporting iTunes or any other player is not the interface with the player's object, but all the other supporting interfaces and documentation. There is also the subtle differences among players that are not recognnized up front, but result in a lot of special code to provide interoperability that is roughly equivalent among players. For example, randomize on Winamp shuffles the playlist pointers while randomize shuffles the playlist with WMP. With WMP the next track is known and can be displayed, but with Winamp the next track is randomly selected on the fly.



          Many thanks for this. All i wanted to do was get some simple itunes start/stop/next track etc.

          Have a happy new year.



            Just to clarify a few questions. This does or does not work with iTunes, even in a limited capacity. Also, is this just a pretty interface in a web browser that controls the external player itself? Not trying to belittle your efforts, simply clarifying.


              I am not going to do iTunes with mcsMusic. mcsMusic has many attributes related to Library management, multiple player types - multiple remote locations, VR, and HS device integration. It also provides a browser interface for playing and playlist picking.


                Sounds good, I guess after alittle deeper investigation that I really don't need iTunes anyways, since mcsMusic does Winamp and Winamp does AAC files. What are the sort of library managment things? Will it read the info I have entered in thru iTunes or will it require all new entry?