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Performance Monitoring and Display

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    Performance Monitoring and Display

    Performance is a combination script and asp that will collect and display CPU utilization and memory utilization data for a running process or the computer overall. The script runs in the background and collects CPU utilizaation information. This data is optionally stored in a virtual device and / or optionally stored in a database. If a virtual device is used, then its on/off status also serves to control the collection of the performance data.

    The web interface generates a two line graph showing CPU and memory use over time. Time selection allows for ranges between one day and one year. The display page also provides the average CPU and memory use for the period selected.

    The core functions of the package will provide the data for any process. The implemented script collects data on CPU and memory used by homeseer. While not implemented, it could also be extended to collect data on any performance measure collected by Windows.

    V1.1 shows both homeseer and total computer utilizations (4 lines on graph). The install script supports either 2 or 4 line database table creation, but not both.

    Version History
    PR 1 Added step-by-step install to instructions
    PR 2 Included Jim Steed's XLGraph from Script Library into Zip
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    Lost links on homepage.

    I recently tried to install the performance bundle which I read about in this forum. I am having some problems which I need to work through but the most concerning to me is lost links on the main page. I have lost access to updater, logs, etc. as well as some plugin configuration pages (RokuSeer). I know something was overwritten and I was hoping you could advise me on next steps.


      This is a pretty old one and some of the conventions/standards may have changed since it was written. I suspect what you are referring to is \HTML\Links.htm which is manually edited to define the links you want shown at the top of each HS page. If this file is not included in the HTML folder then HS should build links itself rather than using the Links.htm provided by the user.


        Links Restored.

        Your suggestion worked. Thank you for such a quick reply. One more question, I have been looking through the scripts and some of the commands are obsolete in V2. I managed to get some of the performance stuff to work (memory usage) but the CPU utilization is not collecting data. When Spawn.txt is called from PerformanceHomeseer.txt I get the following error; Running script, script run or compile error in file: spawn.txt438:Object doesn't support this property or method: 'oShell.Exec' in line 131 More info: Object doesn't support this property or method: 'oShell.Exec'
        CPUusage appears to be running in the background as it should. Any further suggestions would be appreciated.


          Exec is a method in the Windows Scripting Host that became available in V5.6 of WSH. The download should be from the Microsoft site at