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Terminate a Process Gracefully

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  • Terminate a Process Gracefully

    Terminate.exe is an application that will terminate a running program using the windows API calls. It first politely asks the application to shut itself down. If that request is ignored, then it takes a brute force method and shuts down the process in which the application was running.

    Input to Terminate is the window title or process ID of the application. Optional status output is available in a homeseer global variable. It can be run from an event, script, asp, or command prompt or any other method normally used to launch an application.

    PR 1 1.1 Update contains the process termination if the close message is not successful and improved documentation.

    PR 2 1.2 Included hidden/trayed windows as candidates for termination
    PR 3 1.2.1 Increased timeout to allow application to shutdown
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