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Device Grid Introduction

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  • Device Grid Introduction

    DeviceGrid is a web page produced by a plugin that graphically displays a range of devices showing status as well as providing a icon to click to change the status. Mouse-over actions display the homeseer device location and name for the device icon. The icon is a small led with color of red, yellow, green, light blue, or dark blue to indicate current status of off, dim, on, unknown, not defined with homeseer, respectively. The overall view of the grid provides a good glimpse of the overall mapping of defined devices and their current state.

    It is useful as a test page as well as a good view of what devices are defined within homeseer.

    The status is updated periodically using hidden frame technology so only the led's that change will be updated. The update rate is defined at the top of the file. Likewise the range of devices to display is selectable. By default the entire homeseer set of house codes A-Z and device code 1-64 are generated. A display this dense is not appropriate for a low-powered client such as Audrey.

    When an icon is clicked the state is toggle off-on, or off-dim-on if the device is dimable. If it is in the X10 range then the X10 command will be generated, otherwise status will be updated directly. Undefined devices will still generate X10 traffic, however since homeseer is not aware of these devices the status will not be updated in homeseer, only on the screen.

    When the mouse is positioned over an icon the homeseer device name is displayed next to the cursor and in the status window for IE. If it is not defined, then only the house and unit codes are shown.
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