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    Michael, Hope this is the right place to post this ...
    I'm a long time user of your very nice Movies script. So long, I'm not sure if I ever updated to the latest... whatever that is. Here's the question. For several months now, whenever I click on a movie icon, I get "Movie summary not available" on the web page. Bummer, that is the best part of this script! Has there been a content change from the provider, or am I unique in no longer receiving the movie reviews?

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    Seems to me that the first icon click would show the ratings and the second would show a snopysis. When I try there is no href on the second icon. I dont know if it means the data is not available or what. While I have it installed I rarely ever reference it. Others that are more frequent users may know a little more.


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      I just checked mine. If I click on a movie icon I still get the synopsis.


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        The design is to build a summary also if the summary looks to be available. When you click on the synopsis page's icon then it will show the summary. These were a few pages long typically. They would not show up with the just realeased movies, but after showing for a few weeks the summary would often be available. Either summaries are not provided anymore or the web site changed its layout a little. I remember is was a little difficult finding the summary programatically.


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          Thanks mwaite. That tells me the content is still there.
          Michael- Yes, I used to observe that as well- new movies had no "star ratings" below the icon. But the majority of what is playing around here has been out a while. They have star ratings, but no synopsis. I'll do an experiment tonight where I change the hs.geturl call for the review in your script to the hs.URLAction call. I've had geturl problems in several other scripts. I'll let you know what happens.