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opening the webpage

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  • opening the webpage

    I installed the plugin, but how do I call the webpage?

    http://localhost/DeviceGrid or http://localhost/mcsDeviceGrid does not work.

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    Try mcsDeviceGrid.asp

    It is included in the zip.


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      Mine is below. Change the port (:81) to match the HS Server port



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        It's working now.

        I only installed the updated ocx file.

        After installing from the updater it works ok!



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          The status is updated periodically using hidden frame technology so only the led's that change will be updated. The update rate is defined at the top of the file. Likewise the range of devices to display is selectable. By default the entire homeseer set of house codes A-Z and device code 1-64 are generated. A display this dense is not appropriate for a low-powered client such as Audrey.
          How do I change the update rate and how do I select a range of devices?
          Update is too fast, cpu stays at 100%.



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            The refresh rate is a setup option that defaults to 10 seconds. The device selection is automatic based upon in-use house code and in-use unit codes. There is no user customization of the grid contents. If you do not have the plugin setup to show in the HS menu then you can get to it via the same route used to install it as a HS interface.

            This was originally a script, but some had trouble with the hidden frame so I packaged it as a plugin. This version also included the plugin house codes and filtered-out unused house and device codes. If you want to try to customize your own version then the script should still be in the library. It may be under x10 status rather than device grid since that is my project's folder name.