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similar problem installing

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    similar problem installing

    if i stick to the 2bar graph the package seems to work, however when i try to
    overwrite using the files i am getting the following error:

    Script error: No value given for one or more required parameters.

    set rst = objConn.Execute(SQL)
    if not (rst.EOF and rst.BOF) Then

    this shows up above the chart on the web page.

    i also got error when doing the "performance install"event:

    script error in file: PerformaceInstall.txt: 53: file not found in line 39

    What am i doing wrong?

    btw-- i noticed in some of the documents a reference to homeseer.ini file
    yet it is not in this package. is this a temp on the fly thing that does not write
    to disk or do i need this. unfortunately all the resource links in the docs are from the old hs board so i cant go to them to get anything.

    do you have a copy of homeseer.ini or is this something i dont need.

    I really like the package and it works good with the 2bar graph, but i would like
    to use the 4bar(probably obsessed with this because like all humans i cant have it so i WANT IT!!! really bad .)

    newayz, i would love to get this fully functioning if you can help me with it.
    i am a newbee though through my tinkering/reverse engineering i have discovered a STRONG desire to take a serious journey into the classroom so i
    can competently write my own stuff and not depend on tinkering for hours on end just to get a simple thing done

    Victim of my ignorance,

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    Homseer.ini is the file where the setup savings are retained. This is the old convention that I used before HS had the ability for users to save .ini type files. The settings that were originally in homeseer.ini have been moved to mcsPerformance.ini. mcsPerformance.ini is included in the package with an "x" prefix. The "x" needs to be removed and then you should no longer get the line 39 error message. I changed the name so you would not destroy your current settings if you later reinstalled or upgraded.

    Since the script error is on a database access statement it is likely that not all the required database entries have been created. I do not remember specifically how I did the creation of the fields, but I would suggest the following.

    1. Rename xmcsPerformance.ini to mcsPerformance.ini
    2. Observe the value for the database name that you selected for the DatabaseName key in mcsPerformance.ini. It defaults to "homeseer.mdb".
    Delete the database file.
    3. Rerun PerformanceInstall.txt

    If this does not clear it up, the add the statement:
    hs.writelog "mcsPerformance SQL",SQL in the file just before where the error message is generated. This will show what it is trying to read from the database. If you have Access then look at the database and see if the requested fields are present. If you do not have it, then zip up your database and post it.

    Jim Steed has since updated his xlgraph to provide better control of the color scheme. I have not yet used it, but if you do not have a desired color for the graph labels you may want to upgrade.


      prior to my question about these error msgs i followed the instructions exactly(or at least to my understanding) both of the files with the "x" were renamed as per instructions. that was never a problem. the first error msg in my question appears only
      on the web page. i will follow your recommendations for the other(performanceinstall.txt error) this error happens with either install(2/4bar graph)

      thanks for your help so far,


        o.k., i added the line per your instruction. i got the following error msg:

        script error in file PerformanceInstall.txt:500 variable is undefined "SQL" in line 36

        now what??


          Oh yeah, btw...
          is there a way to edit the colors of the graph lines on web as well as
          the corresponding legend line colors??


            The new debug line goes in the \HTML\performance.asp file just above the line that shows the error message in your web page.

            Line 39 is a reference to \HTML\performance.asp in the 4-line version. The performance.asp includes files from the updater called the "Includes". I suspect you do not have these installed. They control the overall formatting of the web pages. The updater is invoked from the Homeseer Help menu.

            It is best if you do not have errors during the install. The install sets up all the configuration parameters to the files that use them. If it errors, then there will not be a consistency between the files.

            The color scheme for the chart is generated by Jim Steed's XLGraph. An update to the one I included is posted at and this update was made to address some of the formatting desires I had for mcsPerformance. I have yet to use the update, but it is there.


              i do have the "includes" files installed from the hs updater.
              i will try re-loading them from the updater again in the event something is corrupted
              in the files i have.

              ps: on the hs gui device view i do have 2 sets of values for cpu and ram
              it just wont do the 4 line graph on the web (performance.asp).


              pss: i downloaded the lates xlgraph and the config asp is cool. i fixed the
              line colors as well as changed the menu/xaxis font colors too. very cool!
              thanks, lw


                zip up your mcsPerformance.ini, Performance.asp, and the database that will be an .mdb file type. I should be able to see where the disconnect is.

                It would also be good to give Jim feedback about his latest xlgraph on the thread from which you obtained it.


                  requested zip files

                  Here are the zipped files for the 2 bar graph setup which is the only one that works

                  you will see the difference in the database file where i had gone back and forth from
                  the 2bar and 4bar graph in these entries.

                  let me know if it is nec. to go back to the "4 bar graph" install and zip that for you.

                  thanks for your help,

                  Attached Files


                    The database has the fields for only two lines. Mine looks like this

                    PHP Code:
                    ID    SampleDate    CPUTotal    MemoryAvailable    CPUProcess    MemoryProcess    Process
                    657004    6
                    /18/2005 6:11:26 PM    2    350    0    61    homeseer
                    657005    6
                    /18/2005 6:12:26 PM    6    351    3    61    homeseer
                    657006    6
                    /18/2005 6:13:27 PM    4    351    1    61    homeseer
                    657007    6
                    /18/2005 6:14:26 PM    2    351    1    61    homeseer
                    657008    6
                    /18/2005 6:15:26 PM    2    351    0    61    homeseer
                    657009    6
                    /18/2005 6:16:26 PM    2    350    0    61    homeseer
                    657010    6
                    /18/2005 6:17:26 PM    3    350    0    61    homeseer
                    657011    6
                    /18/2005 6:18:26 PM    3    350    1    61    homeseer 
                    Your asp and script file look as if the install script was never run. The constant definitions are still tagged with 2002 entries. As long as you run with defaults then it does not matter.

                    I have the same suggestions as before. With a 2-line database present a new one for 4-lines will not be created. I do not know if the install aborts before or after the databse creation, but the most likely way to success is to discover why the install script is not completing. The debug process for this is to insert hs.writelog "xxx","xxx" type lines at strategic points to understand why the install error message is being generated.




                      i misunderstood your instructions. i thought you said to delete homeseer.mdb
                      what you meant was to delete tlbperformance(inside homeseer.mdb), then the 4bar graph would create THAT.
                      nnnnnnnnooooowwwww i gettt ittt!

                      I really appreciate your help as my obsession has now been quenched.
                      now its off to look for more projects to torment me!!!,, he-he-he

                      i am more than just slightly tickled and btw i did try to post feedback to jsteed
                      for his contribution but it would not allow me to post it at the thread where i
                      got it so i posted it on the original thread of your request to him.

                      thanks again! ,




                        Glad you got it. I did tell you to delete the entire database. Good thing you figured out what was really needed.