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  • mcsXAP application

    Is the mcsXap.vsd, the mcsXap plugin? If so, how do I install it in homeseer as it does not show up in my interface tabs.


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    A vsd is a Visio drawing


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      Oh, OK.. so where is the original mcsxap homeseer plugin located? I could not find it on the board.


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        You will not find it posted. James (MI4) has posted one on this board. I have provided my plugin when a user had a specific need such as remote VR or multiple X10 interfaces.

        The relationship between Homeseer and xAP has been evolving for me over the past year or two as I learn more about what works well and what is awkward. This means that my Homeseer plugin has been changing. A moving target is hard on users; especially new xAP users. The posted one has had very little change after the initial introduction.

        If there is something that the current xAP plugin does not do for you then let me know and let James know as well to see if he would consider the feature.


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          Ok, thanks.I have been using the mi4 plugin and was just curious as to what the differences were. thanks!