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mcsXAP1wire problem communicating with Homeseer

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  • mcsXAP1wire problem communicating with Homeseer

    I just installed the most recent version (1.51) of mcsxap1wire along with the xap plugin but I can not get the temperature updates to update the devices in Homeseer. The devices get set up the first time that the plugin recognizes the mcsxap1wire interface but never update after that. The xapbsc.query command returns the appropriate response from mcsxap1wire (I verified by looking at the messages that get sent back via a hub) but cause no update on the virtual device. I suspect that the initial setup may be the culprit - the initial Event.Log device contains one of the two:

    "ScrollEchoWindows: Line 80 A form can't be moved or sized while minimized or maximized"


    "aSendConfiguration_Click Line 110 Subscript out of range"

    I have verified that this is in the packet that mcsxap1wire sends to the plugin and I suspect that the plugin may ignore any subsequent communication. That's merely a guess - I would appreciate any help and further trouble-shooting guidance. Thanks

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    You will likely need to post this in the xAP plugin forum as I suspect this thread is not being monitored for plugin difficulties. If you do observe the message being delivered via a viewer or hub then the question is why it is not accepted by the plugin. One idea I do have is to configure xapmcs1Wire to NOT deliver the database key. The database key is non-standard and the plugin may be discarding the entire message rather than just the specific key. If you do post to the other forum then include a snapshot of a message using the viewer so James will be able to recognize if there is anything there he is not expecting.


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      I'm trying to isolate where the problem lies and thought that it may have to do with mcsXap1wire since it does produce the errors that I posted earlier. Is it possible that those errors are the cause for the initial setup not being handled correctly? Michael, you may not be able to answer that but do you know the significance of those errors?


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        The error are not significant. The send configuration error relates to a centralized configuration management and nobody else has supports this. The scroll window message would only relate to a specific sample for which feedback is being giving in the scrollable GUI window. If this second one persists for every sample taken then it could mean (depending upon the order of feedback display vs. xAP transmission) the data is not being transmitted. Since you see data through your hub then the error message is only cosmetic.


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          Thanks Michael. The problem points to the xAP plugin. I will follow up accordingly. I appreciate your help.