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Movies Installed but not after moving to new computer

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    Movies Installed but not after moving to new computer


    I moved my HS installation to a new computer per instructions on HS website. All went well and Movies is working fine. However, when I try to run another Update of it (just to ensure that I have the latest) and because I noticed that the updater doesn't think it's installed even though it is, I get the following messages in from the updater:

    7/9/2005 9:59:12 AM: Copying file: C:\Program Files\Homeseer\HTML\Movie_Feeds\.5stars.gif
    7/9/2005 9:59:12 AM: File C:\Program Files\Homeseer\HTML\Movie_Feeds\.5stars.gif is hidden, system, or a directory and cannot be over-written.
    7/9/2005 9:59:12 AM: Installation aborted.
    7/9/2005 9:59:12 AM: Could not install: C:\Program Files\Homeseer\updates\Movies4.1.4, maybe download failed?
    7/9/2005 9:59:12 AM: Updates not complete
    7/9/2005 9:59:12 AM: Updates aborted.

    When I first installed Movies on the older installation sometime ago all went well. I don't know what the \Move Feeds\.5stars.gif (that above messages indicate is hidden, etc) is.

    What am I missing? (As I noted, HS.Movies seems to be working fine at present, so besides not being able to run updater, this problem is more of an annoyance and curiosity than a problem affecting my use of your plugin).

    Thanks in advance,

    Go to the C:\Program Files\homeseer\html\Movie_Feeds directory and make sure the images in this directory are not marked read only by right clicking on them and selecting properties.


      Thanks, Rupp!!!!

      That did the trick. Turns out they were all hidden. Don't know why/how, but I'll note this so that I'll remember to check this if it happens again after a move to another computer.

      Many thanks again!!


        Error Movies

        The movies script seems to be working as I have downloaded files each morning between 3 and 4 AM.

        However, my asp pages no longer work. I get the following message:

        Script error: Object required: 'rstTable'

        if TheaterIds(0) = "" Then NumberTheater = 0

        Anyone know what to do to fix?


          Movies runs on HS2

          As an FYI, the wonderful Movies script of MCS seems to run on HS2. It was probably my installation, but I noticed that it hadn't updated since May 05 which had me suspect. But, I reran the install script and it downloaded the latest movies and the asp page worked fine.

          Since installing my home theater, I haven't gone out to the Movies in a while so hadn't looked at the listings. But the "Supercross" movie just started playing and I "can't" wait for it to be released on DVD