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  • Question about Movement Devices

    I use mcsMovement in addition to Doomotion, because I like the From-To ability of the Movement devices. I do have a question as I have seen what appears to be odd behavior on several occasions. I only have 4 devices setup and these comprise of just 2 Movement From-To Virtual Devices. The one I saw happen tonight was with the D10-M9 device (which is defined at \1). In the "Movement Notifications" area I only have the first box for "Value =1 When Forward" checked. Which if I understand it correctly will only trigger the virtual device when motion is detected at D10 and then at M9 in that order. In the log tonight I had something I have seen a few other times and hope you can help explain what I have setup incorrectly. Here is a snippet from the log file tonight:

    7/24/2005 4:45:03 AM~!~MOTION~!~><><><>< Fail-safe was invoked - Upstairs Bailey's room
    7/24/2005 5:27:33 AM~!~X10 Received~!~M9 (Upstairs Hallway (north)) M On
    7/24/2005 5:27:33 AM~!~MOTION~!~>>>>>>>> Motion Detected with Upstairs Hallway (north) - No Motion (00:48)
    7/24/2005 5:30:17 AM~!~X10 Received~!~M9 (Upstairs Hallway (north)) M On
    7/24/2005 5:30:17 AM~!~MOTION~!~>>>>>>>> Motion Detected with Upstairs Hallway (north) - No Motion (00:51)
    7/24/2005 5:32:21 AM~!~Info~!~Exec command: Upstairs Bailey's room On dim: 0 extra: 0
    7/24/2005 5:32:21 AM~!~X10 Received~!~D10 (Upstairs Bailey's room) D On
    7/24/2005 5:32:21 AM~!~Speak~!~Little Miss B Movement
    7/24/2005 5:32:21 AM~!~MOTION~!~>>>>>>>> Motion Detected with Upstairs Bailey's room - No Motion (00:47)
    7/24/2005 5:32:23 AM~!~Event Trigger~!~X10 Trigger (Little B movement)
    7/24/2005 5:33:24 AM~!~X10 Received~!~H7 (Downstairs Hallway (south) Hallway Sensor) H Off
    7/24/2005 5:35:31 AM~!~Speak~!~Bailey on the move.
    7/24/2005 5:35:32 AM~!~Event Trigger~!~Status change trigger (Little B up):2 Movement D10-M9 Upstairs Bailey's room_TO_Upstairs Hallway (north) \1 On
    7/24/2005 5:35:32 AM~!~MOTION~!~><><><>< Fail-safe was invoked - Upstairs Bailey's room
    7/24/2005 5:36:22 AM~!~MOTION~!~><><><>< Fail-safe was invoked - Upstairs Hallway (north)

    As shown the last movement before this event was before 4:45am. We then see M9 occur twice which is part of the Movement device, but it is the To device not the From. 2 minutes later there is a D10 which is the From device, but if I understand correctly this should not trigger \1. A few seconds later we receive an H7 which is not related to mcsMovement at all, but it is followed by \1 being triggered on.

    I am running version 1.9.7 of mcsMovement with HS 1.7.44. I have seen this happen several times, but have not taken the time to closely review the logs or post anything about it. It does work when motion is detected from D10 to M9 and it doesn't always appear to trigger like seen here tonight so I must have something setup incorrectly.

    Thanks for your time,

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    Based upon the timestamp the \1 trigger is based upon whatever is happening with the D10 fail safe. What actually happens during a fail safe activity?


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      That is the failsafe from Doomotion that is turning the motion sensor back to an off status. It is setup to turn the sensor off in the case that it does not receive a hardware off from the sensor. I will see if I can find any other examples of when this happened and see if it coincides with a failsafe event. I am not sure why the failsafe turning the motion sensor off would trigger it to think it was an on being sent, but I am not sure what all Jim does when failsafe is invoked.



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        Wouldn't the fail safe only engage if the device is ON? Note also that the two fail safes were engaged in the order D10 M9 which implies that D10 was ON before M9 was ON.

        mcsMovement operates off of the callback on device status change for most devices. This usually means that the activity performed by mcsMovement will show up in the log before the report made by homeseer itself to the log. With both Doomotion and mcsMovement operating out of the callback then the order of execution of these two programs is likely the order they show up during the startup.


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          Yes both devices were on with M9 coming on first at 5:27:33 am and then D10 coming on at 5:32:21 am. The reason for the opposite order in the failsafe messages is that the failsafe is 3 minutes for D10 and 6 minutes for M9.


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            When you find out what Jim does during the failsafe then we can take the next step