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    Michael, I really like the Guardian Angel routine and rely on it to keep my system stable.

    I am just trying to implement using the pulse capability and the restart (reboot). I have it working, but have come across some interesting aspects that I wanted to check with you.

    1) FYI - it took me a bit of time to figure out that I needed to use the "process name" rather than the ".exe" to use the pulse capability.

    2) in testing, in order to NOT reboot every time, instead of "restart", I just indicated that I wanted to load NOTEPAD when the conditions were recognized. In this case, I received the message window "Guardian Angel Restart Confirmation" countdown, and NOTEPAD loaded nicely. I told it NOT to restart now, and as the "check" cycle came around again, the "confirmation" window popped up again, I then let it execute it's restart (which actually started NOTEPAD). It then started counting backwards from zero into negative #'s. It continued to count. (also, the "confirmation" window has a typo in it - saying "Guradian"). It also closed one of my programs (TV).

    Thanks again for all the work on this routine (and others). This is what makes this user group so good.

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    I can see most of the things your are indicating. I dont know about the TV app. What command line are you using for this test?


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      Here's the code line that's executed in a script. (it's actually WORD that loaded, not NOTEPAD as I indicated).
      hs.launch hs.GetAppPath & "\GuardianAngel.exe","homeseer|90|3600||c:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office10\winword.exe"
      The TV application was shutdown, the process name is "AVerTV2k.exe". It's not a big issue for me since it works fine when I replace the load of WORD with the "restart" command as I really want in production - I just wanted you to be aware of my findings.


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        Michael, I just pulled up my GA log and found that the log is 37 meg in size, and consists almostly entirely of the message repeated forever;

        Can you tell me what's up?

        HTML Code:
        09/08/2005 3:44:53 PM StartMonitoring 30 Invalid property value
        09/08/2005 3:44:55 PM Timer Error 160 Object variable or With block variable not set


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          Looks like a problem with duration over 1200. I posted an update to handle larger times. Also took a stab at the TV app shutdown you reported earler. Let me know how it goes with V1.3.1


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            Thanks, I was running V1.3.0 so have pulled in the new version so I'll let you know how I make out...



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              I put 1.3.2 up there also. I do not know if it will affect anything you are doing with it or not.


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                Michael, I seem to be having some problems with the new GA. It worked well for my HS pulse monitoring, however it seems to have broken my other uses. I use it to keep my firewall running, and also a webcam. I have it set to make sure that the kids don't close the webcam. When I tested this, it no longer restarted it. Prior to the recent changes it seemed bullet-proof.

                So, I tested with a simple GA for Notepad.exe and found the same thing. After I closed it, it didn't reload it. Oddly, there are no entries in the GA log for anything BUT the HS pulse monitoring. There's nothing to indicate that it loaded GA for the other processes, nor any sense that it sensed that I closed them and that they should restart them. I checked thru the task manager and there are the correct # of GA's running, so I believe it actually invoked them - but they don't seem to be working.

                Here's the simple script statement that I am using to run the NOTEPAD.exe test.

                 hs.launch hs.GetAppPath & "\GuardianAngel.exe","notepad.exe||5||notepad.exe"


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                  The command line input treats "|" as a delimiter which means that quotes need to be placed around the parameter. The below should work. My testing was from the debugger and it did not need the quotes. The other examples in the manual from the command line all show the quote as being present. With the latest version I check if a quote is present and then remove it before proceeding.

                  hs.launch hs.GetAppPath & "\GuardianAngel.exe",chr(34) & "notepad.exe||5||notepad.exe" & chr(34)

                  I also remove the popup except cases where a restart of PC is pending

                  Note that if multiple copies of GA are run then the data\guardianangel.pulse will be observed by each copy. If they are run out of the same folder then they will all trigger when the single pulse file is stale. Run them out of different folders. If the pulse file is never present then it will not affect operations and as many can be run from the same folder as desired.


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                    thanks Michael, I'll give this a try. This worked before, was this a change that you included in the newest release?


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                      It is nothing that I changed so I do not know why it worked before. When I display the parameter input it only shows notepad.exe rather than notepad.exe|| etc.


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                        I'll have to spend some more time testing. It all started when I implemented the pulse checking for HS and updated to the most recent GA version. I'll do some more work!


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                          MIchael, I am just having some time to get back into this. I have a question to clarify how I need to set this up....

                          If I understood your previous note correctly, to run both the "pulse" version and a "non-pulse" version, I need to run them out of different folders.

                          I currently have the "pulse" file going into C:\Program Files\HomeSeer\data
                          I run GA out of C:\Program Files\HomeSeer

                          Should I just change one of the directories to be different from the HomeSeer directory?

                          Do I need separate GuardianAngel.exe's?


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                            Yes two running in different folders if you have two different types of things that you are monitoring. If you are monitoring only one thing, such as HS CPU then then pulse feature is automatic as long as a pulse file is present. It only starts monitoring the pulse after it sees the file.


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                              Michael, I arose this morning to my HS exe gone from the task manager, and not restarted by Guardian Angel. My ah.log showed that it stopped hours ago.

                              I was foolish, and restarted HS before checking to see the status of the pulse file. When checking the GA log, I found the following message repeated about every 2 minutes.

                              22/12/2005 5:48:54 AM Application does not respond to NULL message
                              What does this message mean?