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    GuardianAngel sends a empty Windows API Message to the window that is being monitored. When no ack is received then it generates this message. In essence it indicates that the window is not responding to the OS. No actions are taken based upon this. It is just information.

    The last change date on the pulse file is what is used to take an action. This is the same as the creation date. The GA log should also indicate if it saw a pulse file that that was too old. If this is not in the log then it means the file was being updated or the file was never created. GA only monitors for a stale file after it sees that a file does exist.


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      Thanks Michael,

      so if HS wasn't running anymore (as evidenced by it's absence from the task manager) then it wouldn't respond with an API ack. I couldn't check the pulse file date, since I restarted HS before I thought to do this. But, GA didn't act upon detecting an old pulse file, then I assume that HS must have been writing out the pulse file even though it wasn't appearing in the task manager. Also, the ah.log has no entries for 8 hours.
      Hmmm....I'm certainly puzzled. This happened a couple of weeks ago too, but I just restarted and thought it was an anomoly. Nothing noteworthy in the Event Log either...


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        more info. Here's what my GA log looks like. Is this right when using the pulse option?

         22/08/2005 12:31:36 PM StartMonitoring 30 Invalid property value
        22/08/2005 12:31:41 PM Timer Error 160 Object variable or With block variable not set
        22/08/2005 12:31:41 PM StartMonitoring 30 Invalid property value
        22/08/2005 12:31:45 PM Timer Error 160 Object variable or With block variable not set
        22/08/2005 12:31:45 PM StartMonitoring 30 Invalid property value
        22/08/2005 12:33:21 PM Monitor Process homeseer Utilization at 90% for 3600 seconds
        22/08/2005 12:33:21 PM When detected shutdown


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          You should not be seeing startup errors. The line 160 error does not match the source so I'm not really certain what it is showing in the version you are running. The line 30 error is the setting of the timer interval which also looks strange. Can you give me the command line parameters that you are using?


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            Here's the line I use to invoke. I know when I first implemented it - I had it working fine. I've been doing some testing this afternoon, and it doesn't seem like GA is recognizing when HS isn't writing the pulse file out.

             hs.launch "C:\Program Files\HomeSeer\GuardianAngel.exe","homeseer|90|2700||restart" ' this will use the "pulse" monitoring and reboot if HS doesn't create the pulse file within last 10 minutes
            To confuse things further, I run two GA's...the first from the HS folder to use pulse, and the second from a separate folder to run others that don't use the pulse aspect. I am sure that this was previously working, so I must have messed something up....
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              Michael, I gave you the wrong lines from the log. I chose them from the top of the screen, which is old. It should have been from the bottom - where it appears fine. (sorry for all the confusion here!)

              HTML Code:
               22/12/2005 7:42:40 AM   Reloaded 0 
              22/12/2005 7:42:41 AM   Reloaded 0 
              22/12/2005 7:44:24 AM   Monitor Process homeseer Utilization at 90% for 2700 seconds
              22/12/2005 7:44:24 AM   When detected shutdown 
              22/12/2005 7:44:24 AM   Then execute restart at normal priority