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vbscript error for month/year

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  • vbscript error for month/year

    o.k. now I seem to have a fairly new problem where when I select either
    the month or the year selection, I get an error:

    Windows Script Host
    Script: C:\Program Files\HomeSeer\Scripts\Performance.wsf
    Line: 128
    Char: 6
    Error: Unknown runtime error
    Code: 800A03EC
    Source: Microsoft VBScript runtime error

    whats the dealio with this maddness

    hope you can help


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    I believe the problem you are seeing is that Excel does not accept more than 32767 points in the x axis. A month of data will likely exceed this. I edited the xlgraph.vbs to subsample when the number is too big. It removes the error, but the resultant graph is not usable. I'm posting my edits here, but unless Jim want to deal with it I think you are limited to a week of data.
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      I wasn't aware that Excel had that limitation. I'll take a look and see what I come up with. If nothing else then I'll at least write an entry to the log and prevent it from stopping the script.

      Out of curiosity- what version of excel are you using? I'm using Excel 97 and it's limit appears to be 32,000 points.


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        Office 2000. It could be 32,000. I just saw the message box and took a quick mental note. By the way, the background color on the last version make my charts much easier to look at.
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