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  • Not available?

    I installed Movement today, restarted HS, enabled in Interfaces but don't see anything else Movement-wise. No place to edit or control anything.

    No buttons appear. Maybe it's me. I also activated the Active Backup plugin and see nothing for that either.

    Am I missing something? Some sort of interface?

    Last edited by Spectrum; November 5th, 2005, 12:53 PM.

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    The window will appear behind the HS browser. Move the browser away from the middle of the screen. It also requires the user to be on the computer where HS is running since the access if from the window where the HS log is showing. It is a menu entry at the top of this HS window.


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      Sorry, don't see it. I see the plugin in the interfaces tab but on my HS GUI, I see Ocelot, but nothing else.


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        Another user has a problem of mcsAudrey not showing on the menu bar. He did have success by defing an event that is manually executed to bring up the form. It would look something like the following


        These menu problems appear to only be recently showing up with HS2 so I suspect it is just part of the evolutionary process of 2 step forward, 1 step back.


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          Four more steps back. That did nothing. I guess it just doesn't like me.