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McsMusic stopping restart of HS2

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    McsMusic stopping restart of HS2

    I have attempted to install McsMusic V1.11.6 on HS2 build 2040.
    After a few hurdles here and there I have it almost working with Winamp as my player on my HS box.

    I am finding though that when I restart my system that the McsMusic is one of the first plugins to load and it will not go past it.

    Info Initializing Plug-in: mcsMusic
    mcsMusic Version 1.11.6 Registered with Homeseer
    COM Plugin Calling InitIO

    This is where it sits and the task manager is showing the hs_compatibility process as using upwards of 95% cpu use, and the associated "HS 1.X Interface Plug-in" is "Not Responding". If I kill the HS 1.X interface the system will continue to startup with limited functionality of course. Disabling the McsMusic plugin interace will then allow a successful restart of Homeseer.

    I have deleted all devices associated and removed all directories and files associated with McsMusic and attemped a new install with the same results.

    Any other thoughts or suggestions ?


    I got the same result with build 2038 of HS2. I did not have a problem on the prior build. I added an number of debug lines in the startup sequence and their presence appears to make the problem go away. A little ugly in the startup log. Something like this indicates a timing/sync problem. I'm just guessing that the compatibility.exe is waiting for something from HS that it never receives or it was sent before it was ready to receive it. The delays with writelogs appears to adjust the timing sufficiently.

    Replace the .ocx with the one attached here.
    Attached Files



      Installed the latest ocx and that corrects the startup issue with HS2 build 2040.