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  • Movies Quit working

    I've been away from my system for a while and haven't noticed the Movies section. When I just looked at it I noticed that the last time it updated since 7/15/05. Not sure why. It was working months ago (at least before July :-) .ini file looks okay as does all the other things I checked. Must be something really obvious. I'd appreciate a suggestion since I'm stumped. Thanks.

    P.S. this in the latest version of the plugin on v1.7 of HS.
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    Michael just posted a couple of days ago that the sites changed their format and that he wasn't going to upgrade the scripts. He offered the code to anyone wanting to take them over.


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      okay - That explains it. Too bad, I really liked the scripts and found them to be very reliable until now. I'm not a programmer type who could fix them but I hope someone does. Thanks for the quick response.