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Multiple mcsMovement devices with same code

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    Multiple mcsMovement devices with same code

    I have noticed that I have several devices in HS with same code. I think maybe mcsMovement has created 2 devices with code A1, even though there was already an existing A1 device in my database before mcsMovement was installed via the updater:

    Off House ^9-^7 House PIR-DiningRoom_TO_House PIR-Hall A1 Today 17:14:24
    Off Alarm Alarm - Frontdoor A1 Status Only Today 17:14:24
    Off House ^7-^12 House PIR-Hall_TO_House PIR-Kitchen A1 Movement Today 17:14:24

    Im running version as reported by the log:

    20/12/2006 22:42:58 ~!~Info~!~Found plug-in: mcsMovement, version:

    What is the best procedure to fix the codes, and remove the duplication? Is there a database utility to 'clean' the database?