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How To Reset Occupancy Status

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    How To Reset Occupancy Status

    When somebody leaves an area they often turn off the light manually. What is the script I need to add to my Wall Switch off event in Homeseer to change the Occupancy Status back to unoccupied?

    I need to do this as I have quite a long occupancy time for which the light remains on but occasionally the light is manaually turned off (via X10) and then if somebody reenters the room before the occupancy time expires then the light doesn't come back on automatically.

    Two words: Motion Sensors

    Most wall switches are not generally two way... They don't transmit their status.

    I use a script which tests all of the motion sensors in the house. If none are active within a set period and we're not sleeping, Occupancy is set to OFF, and the house goes into simulated occupancy mode. If any motion sensor near an entrance is subsequently activated, Occupancy is turned On and various actions are performed.

    Similar scripts determine room occupancy status which is I think what you want.

    All of my motion sensors are modified MS14's with the light sensor disabled so they work 24/7 and don't tie up two unit codes. To do this, just open the MS14 (or MS12,13, etc. Desolder the CDS photocell and optionally cut the nearby jumper. Simply cutting the jumper will suffice but an advantage of removing the cell is that battery life seems to be substantially increased.
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      I added the abilty to set the status of the Occupancy device to OFF (hs.SetDeviceStatus HcDc,3) and the internal logic will set all the devices that comprise the Occupancy device to their OFF state while ignoring OFF timeout settings. I did not test this other than assuring that no errors are geneated when setting the device's status OFF. It ignores the script command to set the device ON. Let me know if V1.11.0 at it works for you.



        apologies, I only just got around to looking at this recently ! I have upgraded to your latest version and this now works exactly as I needed - thank you.

        My scenario was little more convoluted than first suggested because I forgot the room wall switch is hard wired to the LD11 and not an X10 sender at all! However, I got around this by using the Darkness Sensor On event to set the the Room Occupancy to OFF and this does exactly what I want. e.g. somebody leaves the room whilst turning off the light manually (room goes dark, occupancy now changes to vacant) and everything is reset back.

        Thanks again, most appreciated and WAF has gone up a few notches

        Rgds, Darren.