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Type mismatch: 'pagerefr'

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    Type mismatch: 'pagerefr'

    Hi All -

    Just installed the movement package today and then grabbed the missing include files. I overwrote any existing one. Now we i hit the mcsmovement button I get this error:

    Script error: Type mismatch: 'pagerefr'
    ElseIf TotalTime < 3 Then ComputePeriod "2Days"

    Any ideas?

    I dont know where the pick up the include files from, but it looks as if the page refresh setting is not being used properly. I see in one version the includes it picks up the value from the ini file with the following

    pagerefr = hs.GetINISetting("Settings", "auto_refresh", "")

    I'm guessing that the includes you are using did not account for a null string from the page refresh. mcsMovement does not use this setting, but you should be able to edit \Config\Settings.ini and look for auto_refresh in the settings section and make it look like


    If it is not in there then add it to the settings section.


      That Worked


      Thanks for the reply - i finally added the auto_refresh=0 and it seemed to correctt the error. Should I pull down the includes from somewhere just to make sure I am running the "right stuff".

      Thank you



        If what you have works then I would not try to "fix" it.