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Menu Item missing from HS Console

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  • Menu Item missing from HS Console


    I was starting to play with McsMovement today. I was able to get in a start doing a little playing around with it. I then installed an update to another plugin completely unrelated to mcsmovement. After restarting HS, my menu item for mcsmovement on the hs console is gone! So I cant do any further setup now. I tried reinstalling mcsmovement, no luck. Tried disabling it and reenabling it, no luck.

    Any ideas? I do see in the HS startup that it is initializing the plugin.

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    You should be able to..

    You should be able to go to the HS setup web page and click on interfaces and then click on the mcsMovement config button. You may need to minimize all your windows but you will see the mcsMovement setup windows. When you are in the mcsmovement set up window look for the "show on HS menu" option and try turning it on and off to see if it appears again.

    Running HS 3 on Win10 .


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      Thats what I was missing. Thanks!