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Web based config? (feature wish?)

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  • Michael McSharry
    mcsMovement's forms are event driven when each keystroke is analyzed and form updates made as necessary. It will never be implemented in a browser. What is available for browser-based editing is the generic ini editor that can be found in the mcs plug-ins and scripts forum. It it intended for simple edits and does not have the richness or data integrity validation that is available with a application-specific config page.

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  • ArbWare
    started a topic Web based config? (feature wish?)

    Web based config? (feature wish?)

    I love MCSMovement.. It does everything i need in handling my Motion sensors.

    The only thing that i would like to see is a config that is accessible via a browser connection...

    It probably can't be done easily because it appears that it is pre-compiling the scripts that are marked to be run in "Optimize" mode whenever you leave the config... I'm not sure how you could handle this with a browser config....

    So it's probably way too much work to do for a usability change to something that does work perfectly fine as it is.

    But if wishes were fishes.... well.. Charley the Tuna would be one happy Albacore.

    Just a thought..

    Again, I love the plugin, and really appreciate the support you have provided.